We offer 2 types of workshop to best fit your interests. For additional information and to help answer any questions please refer to the Workshop Specifics.

Workshop Specifics

Contextualizing Math into CTE
At these workshops you will:
  • Gain guidance and mentoring
  • Incorporate academic rigor in CTE
  • Bring real-world relevance to Math
  • Strengthen CTE’s role in High Stakes Testing
  • Develop classroom ready lesson plans to bring the process of fully contextualizing your class

Upcoming Workshops
Geometry in Construction
At this workshop you get the entire curriculum: math problems, lesson plans, and activities
  • Receive ongoing coaching and support
  • Improve state standardized test scores
  • Increase employability skills of students
  • Build a home with students or use other capstone projects
  • Gain access to the Teacher Toolkit, an online video series showing how the key activities of the class are conducted
Upcoming Workshops

New York State (City - TBD)

June 26 - 29, 2017

Plugerville, TX (Austin area)

July 31 - Aug 3, 2017

Salem, OR

Aug 7 - 10, 2017


Some of our workshops take care of thier own registation on another website. To ensure your request, please click on “register” next to the workshop you are wanting to attend. You may be directed to this form. Please fill in your information and we will be in touch with you to finalize your registration.

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Contextualizing Math into CTEGeometry in Construction

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